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    Question Any one have experience with

    Does any one have experience with that hosting company? I'm interested in their offered shared hosting plan professional...
    May be there are better offers which allow adult content for same prace(~8$) with disk space ~500MB and >10GB traffic?

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    For the price they are offering too much,I think you should be careful,they are simply overselling

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    splashed: I now use thehostingspecialist. They offer 1GB disk space and 12GB traffic for same money. They are ok, but they too often have problems with their MySQL server! I'm looking for new hosting...

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    Hey there --

    I host with them and have no problems. I pay for 150GB/month, and I use all of it (sometimes more) every month. The only time I had problems with them was with resources one time where I had a 20MB file get hit like 500,000 times in one day. More like a couple of hours. I've been hit with the overselling at times with other companies, but I don't think it to be the case here with these guys.

    Just my 2cents!

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    Can any body sugest other hosting company which ofer what i asked for?

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    You can also try WHT Host Quote to find the host which match your needs :

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    Yaser: is great.. But on my site few my friends have their own E-mail accounts.. But does not allow it...

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    I contacted - they look very, very good

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