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    Full cabinet at Limelight PHX3 with unmetered 100 megabit, just $4000/mo

    BLCC is currently offering heavily reduced pricing on single cabinet space via Limelight PHX3 in Tempe, AZ. We are among the largest co-location resellers at the facility and can offer highly competitive pricing.

    AS/Uplink Info:
    Test IP:
    Details regarding Limelight PHX3:

    Cabinet details:
    - 42U height
    - Black powder coated, ventilated four post 30" deep cabinet with 24" of seperation between posts.

    IP details:
    - First /26 (61 usable addresses) at no charge. Additional IPs are as follows:

    /26 (61 usable addresses) $30.00 per month
    /25 (125 usable addresses) $60.00 per month
    /24 (252 usable addresses) $120.00 per month

    If you have a /20 or greater directly from ARIN, we will route it for a one-time fee of $300.00.

    - One port from a GigE uplink switch will be provided
    - No cross connects to other cabinets
    - No additional electricity (20A will be provided)
    - Not valid with any other offer
    - Client must provide their own labor (alternately, pay $150.00 per hour to BLCC, billable in 30 minute increments), and supply all necessary shelving and power strips above and beyond the first eight outlets.

    You may sublease your space, we will provide locking compartments on the cabinet at an additional fee.

    Payment terms:
    - First month's payment plus prorata remainder of current month to be paid by cashiers check. Each subsequent month to be paid by check. For subsequent months, we will accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or PayPal for a 5% handling fee.

    Total cost: $4000 per month with no setup fee. Add $1000 per month for DDoS filtration at PHX border (required if you wish to host any IRC, UNIX shell providers, or related clients).

    This offer is valid until April 30th, 2004 (A 12-month agreement is required, which must be received by close of business on Friday, the 30th).

    Feel free to contact me directly with any questions, or simply reply to this post.

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    For those looking for a custom solution, our standard rates (quoted "per month") are as follows. Get started for as low as $750 per month!:

    Step 1: Purchase physical space
    Physical space is the real estate allocated to each customer for the storing of equipment. We use a measurement of "U" where 1U is equal to 19" wide by 1.75" tall by 30" deep. Larger servers may require 2U (19x3x30) or even as large as 4U (19x4.75x30). Please keep in mind that all equipment should be rackmountable which usually requires a special case. For most servers we reccomend a 1U or 2U cases which we keep in stock and can be purchased from us directly.

    42U Locking Cabinet with 20A circuit $600.00
    42U Locking Cabinet with 40A (2x20) circuit $700.00

    Step 2: Purchase bandwidth
    For bandwidth utilization, you may choose to purchase an unmetered port or to pay per megabit tier.

    Per megabit with no commitment (FastE) $120.00
    Per megabit with 5 megabit commitment (FastE) $90.00
    Per megabit with 10 megabit commitment (FastE) $80.00
    Per megabit with 20 megabit commitment (FastE) $70.00
    Per megabit with 40 megabit commitment (GigE) $60.00
    Per megabit with 80 megabit commitment (GigE) $50.00
    Unmetered 10 megabit port $800.00
    Unmetered 100 megabit port (FastE) $5000.00
    Unmetered 1000 megabit port (GigE) $40,000.00

    Step 3: Purchase IP Addresses
    Each device (or each virtual device) on a network requires a unique IP address. For many servers, such as virtual name based web servers, only one would be required. However, some servers with diverse applications such as IRC hosting, DNS hosting, and hosting of virtual dedicated servers would require multiple addresses. Reverse DNS control is available to customers purchasing a /26, /25, or /24. The purchase of IPs greater than a /26 must be "justified" as per ARIN guidelines. This may be done by starting with a /26 and showing proper use of such addresses, or, by laying out a plan for the immediate use of the /25 or /24.

    /26 (61 usable addresses) $30.00
    /25 (125 usable addresses) $60.00
    /24 (252 usable addresses) $120.00

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