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    Advertising Space Available
    PR of 3-4
    The site receives at least 350 unique visitors a day and 20,000-50,000 hits a day
    I'm looking for advertisers with banners that are 468x60, look through the site, where you see the banner "Ashraf" is where your banner will go, almost every page with the exception of the homepage and store pages has it.
    I'm selling the advertising cheap - each month the price will rise
    Your banner will be rotated between 2-3 other banners, you choose how many hits you want your banner to receive and how many days you would like the hits to be spread out on.
    Also once the banner runs out of impressions you will get a chart of how many clicks it received so you can decide whether or not to go with my plans again.

    200,000 Impressions - 15$
    500,000 Impressions - 35$
    1,000,000 Impressions - 60$ *best value*

    Payment must be made through paypal, please pm me if your interested.

    Ashraf Abed //

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    Hey. The links aren't working...
    Greg Lubbelinkhof

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    the site switched hosts yesterday, it should be running fine now, if you still don't see it give it a day then hopefully the domain will have updated to the new host for everyone - also any downtime on the site(doubtful) adds to your advertising length for free

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