Hi Folks,

I run Sun boxes and am mostly uneducated about how to size up an Intel server for Windows (or Linux for that matter). I have a client on a relatively tight budget and am trying to decide if I want to get a SM box or send him to another more suitable host. Please see my questions below and comment fast and furious.

Customer’s Current metrics:
Very popular 15min audios clips currently served as .ram files. Will be converting files over to windows media player.
Pushes 8-10GBmo.
Expects decent growth.

1) Given this guy is on a tight budget, would the Super Celeron 1.7 at $69.00mo meet the current needs, and provide growth to push 150GBmo? If not this box what is the least expensive SM box that would get the job done?
2) The customer will NOT have privileged access. We will setup the domain, and provide FTP access. Is there much they can do to “break” the box? (I ask because our admin strengths are Solaris not Windows?
3) The client’s primary need is audio serving. They will want to run osCommerce to provide a small store front. Is Windows the best choice for serving windows media files?
4) Can I stay with Apache under windows? Does it run well, and configure like it does under *nix?
5) How difficult is it to get php running smoothly on Windows?
6) Assuming our company is competent at Solaris admin, what is the learning curve required managing a Windows box?

Any and all comments are welcome. Any SM resellers out there please jump in, we may very well use a reseller for additional support.