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    * Looking to buy sites / forums!!

    Looking to buy any sites related to hosting like web hosting dir., web hosting forums or other sites that maybe related to web hosting in one way or another.

    If you have something for sale or know of a site or network of sites that may be for sale please PM or Email ASAP. Will pay top $$$$ for the right sites.

    EMail brad [at] ( Replace [at] with @ please no spam )


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    I have added you to my ICQ buddy list. I'm just waiting for you to add me so we can talk .
    Kind Regards,
    Max F.

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    i got one left, check your PM, it's almost related to hosting

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    I am also interested in buying sites and forums PM me aswell

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    PM me, I have a few to get rid of.
    Ricky Lipe
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    we run a group of college forums, and are considering selling off a few of them to move forward with some other ventures. The sites that we are entertaining offers for are 203 users 1795 posts 11.749 adviews this month 207 users 2237 posts 51.692 adviews this month 105 users 441 posts 15.915 adviews this month 159 users 1423 posts 19.585 adviews this month

    all of these forums are showing growth and have been generating revenue but it is hard to say exactley how much a specific site generates because we have sold ads as a package across the board. email me for more details. We have a couple of advertisers who are paid through the end of this month and 1 advertiser who is paid through the middle of may. An agreement would have to be reached to allow these ads to finish out the respective runs.
    We will gladly supply exact stats to persons interested. All information and or offers regarding this should be directed to [email protected]

    thank you,
    Don Everhart
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    If you are interested:

    It's $100 for both !!!
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    I own a Virtual Pet Site, If you'd like to buy that. $1k Is good

    500 + users. Most ever online: 24.

    This site is fairly new, around 5 days or so. It is growing faster then ever.

  9. #9 - The complete website for $250 - includes forums

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