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    Hardware Firewall + Cpanel Problem

    Okay i'm going to try to explain this the best i can.

    - Because of the hardware firewall i have two sets of IP's(Private, and Public). I have the "shared IP" in cpanel set to one of my "Private IPs", so whenever an account is created it creates their entry in httpd.conf with the Private IP, that way the firewall properly routes the public IP with the Private IP assigned to the website. The only thing is i have to go into "EDIT DNS ZONE" in WHM and changed the Private IP, to the Public IP.

    Now i don't mind doing this because i get a email whenever a new account is created on the server, so i'm able to go in and make the proper changes whenever a new account is added.

    Here is where the problem comes in:

    The problem is whenever a client creates a subdomain.

    - Because i edited the DNS ZONE in WHM to the public IP, whenever a client creates a subdomain the entry gets put in the httpd.conf file with the "Public IP", instead of the "Private IP" which is needed to properly route it.

    Because of this, whenever someone views their subdomain it points them to my MAIN website.

    My question is:

    A. Is there anyway to get a email whenever a subdomain is created?
    B. Is there anyway to force WHM to create the subdomain entries in httpd.conf with the "Private IP", instead of the "Public IP" ?

    If anyone has any ideas on another way i can resolve this, any suggestions/comments/advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance for all replies.
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    Can't you just setup the shared hosting IP as the real one in WHM setup?

    It works via host headers anyway so it should work using real IPs in WHM but setup your firewall to do it's NAT thing

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    nope because the firewall won't route it correctly. The public ip's are assigned to the firewall itself, and the private ips are assigned to my server.

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