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    GUI needed for application

    We are currently seeking an interface designer who can take our concept for an upcoming online application and build an interface based on our requirements.

    We do have a rough concept of the required elements and generic layout that we would like to see built upon or improved upon. We need to have the interface built up in Photoshop and need this relatively quickly. We do have a resolution specific size of 720x480 to work with. We also want the interface to be really smooth, we really like the default 'winamp' skin, with the cool grays and subtle color/lighting effects that give it a lot of depth.

    If anyone is interested in submitting a prototype for review, the interface will be seperated into 3 main columns. The main "areas" of the page for these columns are as follows (the layout is just a guideline, not definate) :

    Left column : Current item up for auction, list of items available for auction, a nomatination button, and a list of 5 of the most popular potentional upcoming items for bid.

    Middle column : a list of categories the item belongs to, a list of all items purchased by an individual, a dropdown list of all participating bidders, and an area that shows the current high bid for the item.

    Right column : Time Remaining Box, Bid Entry area, Maximum bid area, a bid button, a pass button, a chat area [ consists of the chat window, area to enter text, dropdown to select who he wants to message, and a send button], a "current high bidder" area that will display a list of the top 3 bidders for the item.

    Please PM us for more information. If you are interested in applying for this contract, please include a quote and a portfolio to review. More consideration will be given to submissions with icon development experience, interface design experience and to submissions with a prototype workup done to the 720x480 spec stated.

    We will not be posting to this thread unless we see a thread of common issues from our PMs that requires addressing.

    Payment for work done can be sent via PayPal. Budget is between $150-$500 for interface design. More work available to right individual.

    Thank you for your interest,

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    Hey Harper,

    Although I cannot provide you with what you need, maybe try contacting the starter of this thread:

    I believe he is the one that developed those and maybe he has some spare time to take on a project.

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    You make it kind of hard to contact dont have enough posts to receive PMs, and youve opted not to receive email.

    I hope you check this thread then! I would love to help out.

    Some of my work is up at, but it is not too relavant to interface design. At my previous site,, you might find more suitable examples related to this project. Just browse around there in the 'art' section.

    If you need more work examples or more info about me, just reply, or email [email protected]. We can talk further, and i will give you a price quote.


    AIM - attunedesigns
    MSN - [email protected]

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    I like to pride myself in my user-interface design skills. I've done some video game menus and alot of web design. If you'd like to take a look at my portfolio visit . If you are interested, I can forsee a cost of about $300 and I can complete the project fairly quickly. Thanks for your time, If you are interested yuo can email me at tkearsey(at)

    Trevor Kearsey

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    Also you can try super-skinners They have a new site now and I am not sure how to order. But I remeber they were availble for hire.


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