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    * DNS Lookup Problem

    Hi, my name is Michael and I am having a forward/reverse lookup problem. I bought my domain name ( through a company online and i use their domain panel to setup where it routes to. Right now I am having to route through a URL redirect setup and its useing their nameservers. When you visit the site instead of staying in the address bar it shows my actual IP address. Not sure if its my lookup zones that are wrong or the nameserver. The website works fine except in like an AOL browser or so.

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    Hi there,

    Do you know what sort of redirect is being used? Are they possibly redirecting directly to the IP address assigned to your website hosting account? (if there has been one assigned?) Or by the looks of it, the IP address of your computer that is hooked up to the Internet?

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    Where do you have the URL redirecting to?

    Is the account on the server for, or another domain?

    The eNom URL redirects work fine from my experience. Case in point:

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