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    Dedicated servers in Germany/Europe w/High traffic and lowcost

    Hi Folks!
    I am planing to start an Europe hosting company, but my problem so far is the hosting company that i want to go with.
    There is one company which would directly meet my requiremnts i think...easydedicated...(ive gone through the first 6 pages of this forum and thought it would be enough for now.)

    Intel Pentium 4 2.8 Ghz
    1024 Mb DDR-ram
    120 Gb 7200RPM disk
    1000 Gb bandwidth

    Uplink: 100 Mbit/s
    IP-addresses: 4
    Datacenter: Redbus Interhouse, Amsterdam

    For120 euros a month.

    This is pretty nice since they have no setup fee. Irack and rackcheck do not seem to fit into my plans. 1and1 in germany also has a 149euro setup fee which wouldnt clear out very nice on my bank account (if you dont sign up for 24 months)

    Does anyone know any other hosting companys which delivere such specs in germany/europe?
    The bandwidth should be around 1TB, also the speccs should be about 2,5ghz and a minimum off 1gb ram...the price should be around 150$ ...

    First i thought going to host in the us for my europe/german customers, since you dont really notice the difference as a "normal user".....But then i saw this offer from easydedicated, that is most likely the same price as ev1 has or SM has....
    Support is not really needed, since i am a pretty good linux guru ... And if i dont know about a problem, i do a research ...
    The hosting company should be in europe....and as much as near to germany would be very fine (like easydedicated, Amsterdam, NL)... although i hope they dont smoke too much weed there

    Main things i want to do with my hosting..
    Selling webspace, bncs, eggdrop......
    Reverse DNS must be available.
    I hope i didnt forgot anything, if so..Just ask.
    I am already very happy to see your comments and helpful hints.
    If i got something wrong correct me.
    Matthias Meissner
    P.S. sorry for my bad english

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    Come on...anyone?
    "Pushing up this thread to the top again *g*)

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    ctn1, 2000gb's of bw. Haven't got any experience with them.

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    PM rackcheck, they have cheap bandwidth @ Germany, Interxion DC.

    Or for more details.

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    I would advise you NOT to go with Easydedicated. It is not a transparant firm and there are many discussions involving the future stability of this firm.

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    This seems to be the best offer so far. I've seen even plans for 64 Euro, but @500 G BW.
    :: :: :: :: :: ::
    :: VDSP.Net :: Directory of virtual and dedi serv providers by location and price

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    Originally posted by ZB-JOHAN
    I would advise you NOT to go with Easydedicated. It is not a transparant firm and there are many discussions involving the future stability of this firm.
    Afraid of competitors?
    Almost every customer we have is very happy with our services.

    At the dutch you also posted a negative opinion about our company, but since you are not a customer how can you know?

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    Very nice prices, from 99 up to 9999 and more.
    I am my self looking to find a good German or French provider.

    The best I have found actually is OVH, now with 10/Mb bandwidth and fully managed for security as low as 15 per month if you opt for the Total Security plan. They only just offer Webmin as control panel, that's pitty for me as novice.
    There prices are also from 69 up to 990

    Good luck

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    ok thanks for the first posts ! I'll check'em right away.

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    I would VERY strongly recommend AGAINST hosteurope. We bought a company who use them and the service is awful we have been working for the last 10 months to move away from them but they have put up so many barriers in the way and charged us huge amounts of money. So please, to avoid the array of problems that we have had, use somebody else.

    There is loads of good hosting companies out there.

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    Thanks for the info. Allthough i haven't chose that provider its a pretty nice information for the other users on this board here
    They were ... kinda expensive for me

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    It would be weird if you see me post on the dutch forum, because i merely lurk there. I do not post on that forum.

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    I have a server with easydedicated I am very happy with them, also we contacted leaseweb and rackcheck in the last few nights abd both had very quick responses and good deals considering buying from them as well.

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