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    Good Resellers any Help???

    I am looking for a good reseller account with a great price. I was checking out dime host and Manny was very knowledgable and freindly on the phone. I have read so many good things and bad things. Its a confusing world out there. Anyways, any good information would be greatly appreciated. I was able to reach manny during Easterday Holiday that is a good sign. I need an account where people can be reached when the need arises.



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    I would recommend Citadelhost, they have always been great to me.

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    Hi Eviltual -

    First thing I always recommend when looking for a reseller account is select your control panel.

    They all have their advantages/disadvantages.

    Decide which one you want to go forward with, then narrow your search to hosts which provide the application you require.

    Best of luck in your search...

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    Thanks for the reply..

    I have looked into HostDime, I had it wrong..I posted dime host...
    Anyways, thanks for the fast feed back..

    Anymore info would be gretaly appreciated..



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    Try a search for hostdime on these forums and see what other people (their customers) say about them:

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    Do you have an URL for that host?
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    You can drope your requirement here:

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    If your still in the market, might I recommend Bright-Byte Hosting - - to you? They have great prices, and support/service.

    I hve recommended some people to them in the past, and I have never heard a complaint from any of them, so I would say, that is a good sign.

    In my professional opinion, it would be worth checking out Bright-Byte Hosting.

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