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    need help installing spamassassin

    do i just run /scripts/spamassassin-cpanel or do i download the latest version from their site?

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    Login to WHM and click Tweak Settings.
    Make sure you have SpamAssasin checked.
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    it is checked, where do i configure it from?

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    Originally posted by zmontano69
    it is checked, where do i configure it from?
    from cpanel - individually for each account.

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    unable to find it in individual accounts. i logged to cpanel and went to mail options, and didnt find the option for that. pls direct me to that option, i would be greatful. thanks!

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    You can try from shell, set your ownrules using .procmailrc or user_prefs.template to configure Spamassassin for individual accounts.



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