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    targeted traffic domain for sale

    This name gets easy over 100 uniques per day (today, it looks to be going over 200)
    All type in traffic and very targeted, all looking for SMS service
    Very high potential to be turned into a high profit site

    absolute bargain price: $500,-

    free and easy push (.pl names are unrestricted)

    post sold to claim, posted on several forums, timestamp will determine the winner! - Domain names with Exceptional Metrics for SEO Specialist

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    what is the domain translated in English?

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    In fact, it's English
    SMS = SMS, the small text message you are able to send via your cellular ("handy") phone. Very popular in Europe
    idea = idea

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    I see I thought so... I was just wondering how a site like this get 100 uniques wiht just an affilate site with an English domain when the visitors are Polish....

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