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    Support / Tech people required

    I'm currently on the look out for people to join the existing customer support team here.

    Company Background:

    Workload is pretty low and tickets can very from 5 to 25 per day. During the nightshift (UK time) it's not uncommon for there only to be a few tickets but it's important they are answered in the same quick time so this is best for someone who is online anyway during the time's they specify. In addition to this, if any server gets in trouble during the shift requiring attention it is essential that it gets attention within minutes of the monitoring going off.

    This is not a sys admin job. Any tasks of this kind are already handled by our sys admin but in cases of urgency where a server is in trouble you may be called upon (the first on the scene) to get things back online which may involve sys admin type tasks.

    Extremely good knowledge of WHM and cPanel. It’s essential that you know the control panels inside out along with the little quirks they possess (common bugs, issues, etc). Experience of these from an end user/reseller perspective is not enough. Expertise at using them in a root environment (both the panels and working with the inards of the panels via command line) is essential.

    Experience of working in SSH and using command line on Redhat servers (mention any other familiar OS's too). This involves knowledge of cPanel’s /scripts directory along with general tasks such as log analysis to troubleshoot and other such tasks. Common issues involve looking at email logs to see why emails are not working, manual disk usage check, general fault finding/fixing, etc. This is not a position for someone new to working with servers via commandline.

    Friendly, trustworthy and honest. You will be dealing with customers and I won’t accept anything less than friendly, professional and courteous contact which I hope goes without saying. From feedback, customers like the open and honest communication here and we don’t do the whole ‘faceless support rep’ deal because it works better (in my opinion) when customers know who their dealing with. You need to be extremely trustworthy because there’s no chance of me letting anyone near any server here if I think anything shady is going on.

    Fluent in English - self explanatory.

    Willing to provide support via the online helpdesk (Kayako eSupport) and the forum (you can subscribe to forums to be emailed when new posts get added to the support forums).

    Customers currently enjoy fast and effective support. For this reason, there is no room for missed or ignored tickets and it's essential that if something needs doing (eg an unanswered ticket), it is done. I'm looking for people with a good attitude towards providing good client support so if they have all the info on a problem, they will be prepared to do what needs doing to fix it (research, contact other staff, etc) and not just leave it unanswered for someone else to deal with or fire off a 'stock reply'.

    Although not totally essential, I will be giving preference to those with references from other similar jobs with contacts who can back up comments.

    If you are interested please email [email protected] and provide the following information in your email:

    - name
    - WHT username
    - contact details
    - location, country and timezone
    - experience level (the more detail the better, a chance to ‘sell yourself’)
    - times available for work (refer to timezone here so things are clear)
    - any past hosts you’ve done support for and their contact details
    - desired rate/schedule of pay

    All of the above details are essential and it’s likely the email will be binned if it’s missing the requested information. Please include as much detail as possible in your email. Convince me that you are the best person for this position, you know what you’re doing and you’re trustworthy!

    Please no forum private messages or instant messages. Also, I'm not looking for outsourced support or server management companies. If you’re unsure about anything feel free to email to ask about it before sending your application email. Everything is best done via email.

    Finally, please accept my apologies for any unanswered emails. Last time there were a lot of emails and I simply didn't have time to reply personally to each one.

    Thanks for reading and please email me at the address above if you have any questions.
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    I would just like to thank all those that have emailed in response to my post. Unfortunately I have not yet had the time to look through them all in detail yet and get replies sent but I can see that some excellent emails have come in.

    Thank you all again for your time, it really is appreciated.
    Clook Internet -
    Fully managed UK based webhosting provider
    Est 2002, 24/7 phone support, all the bells and whistles!

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