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    eNom step by step guide ( How to )

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    Hello every one
    I have been asked here to make a newbie guide for eNom I got some questions and added some
    So lets go
    This from eNom website
    What is the difference between a retail and reseller sub account?

    The main difference is how they pay for registrations, and whether or not they have reseller options.
    we will bill their credit card on file for every transaction
    you (the parent account) will pay 3% sales fee and a 95 cent transaction fee for every order
    they do not have access to create Sub Accounts, RegistryRocket sites, the PDQ, and they cannot download the API sample scripts.
    they will refill their account to pay for orders (refill fees are paid by the sub account holder).
    the parent reseller does not pay any fees
    each transaction is deducted from their balance
    they can download the API, setup RegistryRocket links, create a PDQ and create sub accounts
    sub accounts can use their own merchant services for the API (they cannot use eNom merchant services).

    Q1 - What does ETP stands for
    A1- ETP = Enom Technology Partner = eNom direct reseller
    Q2 - How to be an ETP
    A2- Send an email to sales{at] they will ask you to
    1- Open a free account at
    2- Sign and fax back an ETP agreement
    3- Deposit $495.00 or $3975.00 or $6950.00 ( the more you deposit the better price you have per domain per year
    Q3 - What will be my pricing list
    A3 -
    .com/.net/.org/.info/.name - $6.95 per domain/year if you deposited $6950.00 or $7.95 per domain/year if you deposited $3975.00 or $8.95,per domain/year if you deposited $495.00
    ( the following will be your pricing no matter how much you have deposited )
    .biz and .us registrations and transfers only $4.95, 1 year minimum - $5.99, 2 years minimum
    .de - $14.95, 1 year minimum
    .bz/.cc/.cn/.ws - $24.95, 1 year minimum
    .nu - $24.95, 2 years minimum - $34.95, 1 year minimum
    .tv - $39.95, 1 year minimum. $85.00
    .de $14.95
    Q4 - What does "eNom 6.95 enom reseller account" means
    A4 - It means that your pricing list for .com .net .org and .info .name is $6.95 per domain / year ( and so on for 7.95 , 8.95 accounts )
    Q5- can I create sub-accounts under me
    A5 - Yes you can ,Only and only if you have a reseller account , if you have a retail account you will not be able to .
    A6- Can I setup the pricing list I want for my sub accounts
    A6 Yes , You can but enom will not let you lose money or make a pricing list for your sub accounts lower than you pricing list , also if you will create a retail account you must consider $0.95 + 3% ( credit card fees ) ,, This not everything please read the following question
    Q-7 If I have 6.95 enom reseller account can I create 6.95 or 7.95 accounts under me ?
    A-7 No , It was available before , but enom changed it's policy about two years ago . and the lowest you can create under you is 8.95 reseller account
    Q8 -I have a retail account do I need to add funds to my account to register a domain ?
    A8 - No , you pay only when you register/renew/transfer .. etc a domain ( your card should be in file )
    Q9 -I have a reseller account do I need to add funds to my account to register a domain ?
    A9 - Yes you must .
    Q10 How to add funds to my reseller account
    All eNom reseller accounts are the same you must deposit some funds in your account before you start your business (buying / transferring domains ...etc)
    if you will use wire transfer or check ( no minimum and no deduction )
    if you will use credit card or paypal ( the minimum is $100.00 and 3% will be deducted by eNom )
    Q11- I have an enom account how to know if it is reseller account or a retail account
    A11 - Login to your account , on the left hand panel click on resellers , then click on sub-account if you see this message "Sorry, you must be an official eNom Reseller to be able to create sub-accounts" then your account is a retail account
    Q12- I bought an enom reseller account from someone is it under enom directly or not ?
    A12 - No one will sell you an account under enom directly because it's against his ETP agreement With enom .
    Q13 - So how come I see some people selling enom 6.95 eNom reseller accounts ? is it a scam ?
    A13 - There are many accounts in the market were created before enom changed its policy
    Q14 - Why some people offering free 8.95 enom reseller account while enom charge $495.00 for such an account ?
    A14 - because they have a 6.95 or 7.95 reseller account and they will make $1 or $2 as a commission when you register a domain
    Q15- Can I delete a sub account under me ?
    A15 -Yes , only and only if there is no domains nor funds in that account
    Q16- I've got an enom account from someone I'm afraid the person above me may delete my account or increase my pricing list
    A16 - Read the following
    Here I'm going to teach you how to protect your eNom reseller account ( no matter who is your ETP )
    To protect your eNom reseller account ( the term protect means you don't want the ETP or the parent account to delete your account nor to increase your pricing list )

    You will need to do two easy steps

    1- Push a domain to your account ( the account you want to protect ) or add some funds to it ( this will prevent the ETP from deleting your account

    2- Create a sub account under you ,and make its status " retail status" and lower the pricing list to the lowest you can for every TLD and for the hosting package and for these services too Email forwarding , URL forwarding , DNS Hosting ,POP3 email Paks ,ID Protect .NAME Registration and email forwarding NAME email forwarding
    In a word reduce the pricing list for that retail account to the maximum you can and for all the services ( not only the domains)

    ( now your ETP will not be able to increase your pricing list because it will affect your sub-account )

    I did tried this method myself and it works 100% I couldn't even increase the pricing list for reseller I had protected even for one cent this the message I got when I tried
    " Register Reseller price cannot be set higher than existing reseller sub accounts"

    The above idea will work even if the reseller account you have was 6.95 or 7.95 or more
    As a special case if you have a 8.95 reseller account or more it will be ok also to create a reseller account under you instead of the retail account ( you must lower the pricing list to the minimum )
    For your own securtiy when you create a retail account don't use the same password as the main account , don't leave a domain or any funds in that retail account .

    Q17 - I'm a sub sub sub reseller of someone ,Does it matter how far am I from enom ?
    A17 - in my own opinion it doesn't matter , I know many people will not agree with me , but I did that myself I created an account 7 levels far from enom I couldn't find any deference at all ..
    Q18 - Where can I save money in enom when compared to using ev1 ?
    A18 - ev1 will not let you register domains for others , ev1 gives you a domain name with only DNS management , means no URL forward , no email forward , poor control over your domains , but the most important is when you use an eNom reseller account your customers will see your company name when they search WHOIS , there are many companies ( registrars ) offering cheap domain registration even cheaper than eNom 6.95 pricing but I believe that no one can beat enom's services ( this is just my own opinion ) .
    Q19- I have an enom account how to know my pricing list ?
    A19 - login to your account then on the left hand panel click on home then click on pricing info .
    or login to your account and click on this link ( You MUST be logged in )
    Q20 - What does this means " default pricing list " ( for resellers only )
    A20 - It means the default price you will offer for every retail account under you , it will affect the account/s you will create NOT the accounts you have created already
    Q21 -Is't useful to setup my " default pricing list " ?
    A21 - Yes , because it will save you lots of time later when you create your sub accounts
    Q22 - How to modify the default pricing list ?
    A22 - login to your account then click on " my eNom " then click on setting then click on TLD pricing tab or you can after you login click on the following link
    modify the pricing you want then click save changes if enom does not reject your pricing that's means you are done , if rejected read the instructions and increase your pricing .. one point you must keep in your mind the pricing list you are setting is for a retail account not for a reseller account so you must be aware of the ( 0.95 + 3% ) credit card processing fee
    Q23 - How to create a sub account under me ?
    A23 - Login to your account then click on the following link ( you must be logged in ) fill up the form and then click submit
    Q24 - What type of account I have just created ? and what is the pricing list for that account ?
    A24 - it's a retail account and the pricing list for it is exactly like the default pricing list mentioned in Q20 ?
    Q25 - Can I modify the pricing list for that account ? can I make it reseller account
    A25 - The answer for both questions is YES ,
    Login to your account then click on resellers then sub-account ( or click on the following link You must be logged in )
    click on the login ID that you have created , you will see the pricing list for that account you may change it too .
    if you want to make that account a reseller account then check the radio box next to the word reseller . then click on "save changes "
    Please note that , You can switch a sub-account to "Reseller" at any time, but can never switch a "Reseller" back to a "Retail
    Q26 - Can I create a reseller account directly ?
    A26 - You can't do that using eNom web-site interface , but you can do that using enom API . ( not for newbies )
    Q27 - How to offer domain registration to my customers through my website ?
    A27 - There are three ways
    1- To use registry rocket ( it's very easy and free ) but it's not a professional way
    2- To use eNom PDQ ( you will pay $99.00 a year ) more professional ( like wild west domains program )
    read more here
    3- To use enom API ( it's free ) the most professional way ,you will be able to control every little detail ( like or ) you may also use pre-made scripts like DRAM or , Also you may have your own merchant services ( for credit cards ) or if you are an ETP you can use eNom's
    Q28- What is the lowest price I can setup for my coustomers
    A28 If you will use API you can set up the price you want ( you can offer domain registration even for $1.00 an lose lots of money , If you intend to do please let me know to be your first and last customer
    If you will use the registry rocket or the PDQ then eNom will not let you lose money
    Q29 - How to know the lowest price I can setup for my customers using PDQ or registry rocket ?
    A29 - it's the same as when you setup the lowest price for a retail account or the lowest price at " the default pricing list "
    Q30 - How to do the math ?
    A30 - it's easy let's say you have .com for 6.95 then the lowest price you can offer your customers for .com ( using PDQ or registry rocket ) = ( 6.95 + 0.95 ) X 1.03
    = 7.90 X 1.03
    = 8.137 ~~~~~> $ 8.14
    if you have 7.95 for .net then the lowest you can setup for .net
    = ( 7.95 + 0.95 ) X1.03
    = 8.90 X 1.03
    = 9.167 ~~~~~> $9.17
    Q31 - I got an enom account ( retail or reseller ) how to know the person above me ?
    A31 - I know two ways to do this .( you don't need to have funds in your account to try them )
    1- logoff your account click on this link , enter you login ID and answer the secret question , you will receive an email from this email you will know the email of the person above you , and his organization name and maybe his website too ( he will NOT receive the same message so don't worry about your password )
    2-push 2 domains into your account Login to your account , make global changes to the domains , you receive an email from the one above you ..
    Q32- Is't available to send funds ( enom points ) from one account to another ?
    A32- Yes , login , then click on help , click on support center and send a support ticket , you must include your ID and the ID you will transfer funds to .
    Q33- I know it's available to push domains from one account to another , but is't available to push a sub-account from one account to another ?
    A33- Until now no , But we hope they can do it soon .
    Q34 - Are there any fees to pay yearly ?
    A34 - No , Unless you will use PDQ .in that case you will pat $99.00 a year
    Q35. What happens if a sub account holder used a fraud credit card , how am I responsible for that?
    A35- You should watch out your retail sub accounts , if you doubt any of your customers you must contact eNom directly , even if the domain is already registered but still in the grace period ( 5 days ) you will not be charged for that order ,
    Q36 - What is the meaning of fraud orders ?.
    Q36 - Fraud order means the customer uses fraud credit card ( stolen )
    Q37 - What are the signs for fraud orders .?
    A37- Domains with no meaning like , long term of registration ( five years , ten years )
    Hope this helps

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    amazing FAQ honestman

    really Good work
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    Thanks for information. Very help me.

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    still scanning through it and letting it soak in
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    Q37 - What are the signs for fraud orders .?
    A37- Domains with no meaning like , long term of registration ( five years , ten years )
    Yet another reson why m$ is fraud
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    well its a fact not a question

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    Q31 - I got an enom account ( retail or reseller ) how to know the person above me ?
    You can also go to eNom's Help section, when you ARE NOT logged in, and there you will see a small box to enter your domain name. It will return the information for your reseller (the account above yours), including name, address, phone, etc.

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    your reseller it will tell your self but not the reseller you got the sub-reseller account from
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    thank you the guide was just what i was looking for

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    Awesome FAQ. you cleared up many things for me. thanks!@
    I WILL beat your current credit card rates!
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    Hello everybody.
    More than one year since I published this thread . And I haven't been posting here for long time .
    eNom has changed lots of its policy , so many information here are outdated already . ( for example now you cannot transfer funds between reseller account ) ,
    I may need to update that thread . ( but cannot promise when )
    eNom very discounted reseller / retail accounts (Click here )

    Rare 2 , 3 char / letter domains for sale ( Click here )

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