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    Question Live Chat Software?

    Hello Everybody,

    Can anyone please give me opinion or advice on Live Chat software?

    We want to subscribe with one and I'd like to know if anybody here can recommend a good one - and give us a heads up on the bad ones :-D.


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    its free and seems to be okay.

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    I have not tried this one yet but it might be good:

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    I'm using They have a free version too.

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    I use PhpLive ( and they seem to work great. There is a large up front cost, but after the first year, its only 70 for each additional year. There have been some bugs upon new releases, but they were fixed promptly.

    OOO! I just looked at their website right now, and they are having a 15% off sale for today only. (Trust me, they have never had a sale before) If you need a chat software, buy this today.

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    I'd second that... PHPLiveSupport has worked well for us. It is a nice solution and you can customize it if you get the source code option for a one-time fee.

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    Thank you very much my friends, your feedback has been invaluable.
    By all means let me know of other suggestions :-)

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