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    Dedicated servers, ready to go immediately

    Unfortunately we are unable to provide IRC service at this time, however we still offer the best hardware, network, and support in the industry for all other types of dedicated servers.

    XLHost's network consits of Fiber OC-X lines from XO Communications and Time Warner Telecom

    We are located in Columbus, OH

    file download test:
    ping test:
    Our AS# is 10297

    all of our lines are private leased bandwidth.

    All servers come with Red Hat Linux, FreeBSD 5.2 or any other free operating system.

    All servers come with 5 IP addresses, and 500GB of bandwidth.

    Windows 2000: $20/month
    Windows 2003: $25/month

    to upgrade from 256MB to 512MB: $10/month
    to upgrade from 512 MBto 1024MB: $10/month

    Remote reboot system is included while supplies last!

    2.4Ghz Celeron
    256MB ram
    40GB HD

    2.0Ghz Pentium 4
    512MB ram
    80GB GD

    Xelerate P4
    2.8Ghz Pentium 4
    512MB ram
    80GB HD

    We can build any system imaginable to fit your needs, dual operton, dual xeon, whatever you need.

    If you wish to contact us, you can do so either through E-Mail at [email protected] or through MSN Messenger at [email protected]

    Dedicated Servers, Virtual Private Servers, and more since 1995.
    drew @

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    Hmm.. You guys do not allow IRC on your network anymore? Why?

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