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    Template, i need sugestions.

    Hello here is my website portfolio in progress, i posted it before and i get some good sugestions... i would like get more sugestion, im and artist but i dint make templates before.

    The metalic thing at the left corner is the buttoms, when you are over a button the big sfere is lightning and put the name of the page you will go... then you push it and go to this page.

    About the size, you think it will be too high? too graphics? All sugestions are welcome.


    Thanks a lot

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    Let's see...

    "...About the size, you think it will be too high?..."

    I don't think it's too high - if you like it there, leave it there.

    Question... Will any of the buttons on the sphere be the same (link tothe same tihngs) as the ones along the bottom?

    Some suggestions...

    1- Change the font used in the line "2004 S.o.S. All Rights Reserved. I would use something smaller - and without a style (not bold or anything) - hard to explain as I don't have a particular font in mind - just something else.

    That's just my opinion of course - I wouldn't say it's "bad" as is.

    2- Make the logo (the guy) smaller so he fits above the black line he cutrrently sits on.

    3- Once the guy is smaller, I would bring your navigation (buttons from bottom) up to the top, just above the darker grey "body" section you have.

    Overall it looks great - the sphere and the logo are very nice

    It looks like you may have had some suggestions at DeviantArt as well - I just can't read em - haha.
    Something witty here...

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    Not a bad start by all means, i would change the font definately. The font is a bit spaced out and doesnt really look like it should be there. Some suggestions on font choice - Steelfish should work very narrow, and very modern looking. The man is to big in my opinion i agree, go for a horrizontal nav, you could even sit this under the guy, as an overlap.. you will have to play around with this. Try and key that bar into the circular shape in the top left, which looks very smooth.

    Overall a good start, keep on it..

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    Thanks a lot for the sugestions, much appreciated.

    PlaneWalker: Yes it is, the links in the sfere will be the same than the links at the bottom.

    For the grey below the mascot i think i will put a title page... something like "portfolio", "profile" ... so i decided put other buttoms at the bottom.

    Nos4M thanks for the font too

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