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Thread: Fantastico help

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    Fantastico help

    I have just got server matrix to install fantastico, and they set it up under on of my cpanel accounts. Which is all well and good. But how do I set up whatever features I want for my clients. I have a list on there, but nothing is installed for any user, and I can't find a install point. Am I missing something, or just blind?

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    Options - edit features - enable the applications that you wish to have for your clients (normally all).

    And you are ready to go.

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    I can't see an options section? Under the main page, or the administration page. I have

    Installations overview
    Features Sets
    Resellers usage rules
    Users usage rules
    Hosting plans usage rules
    Disable Fantastico

    Update/Get files
    Detect/fix common problems
    Offer free $5.00 Kanoodle accounts


    That's it under the admin page. If I click on installations overview, it says nothing is installed for any users, but doesn't give me a place to do so. What am I missing?

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