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    4dwebhosting down?


    Does somebody know what is happening to 4dwebhosting? I have two web sites hosted there and for two days now they do not work.

    Today I also found out that their home page is not available either.

    Their ftp and email servers seem to work though...

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    What is wrong with 4dWebHosting

    I have just registered another domain to host with 4d, but I have not gotten the FTP/ID/PW from them and have been trying to communicate with them for 4+ days.

    Anyone know what is up???

    POOR COMMUNICATIONS and my customer is waiting


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    I have signed up for a hosting package with 4dwebhosting 3 days ago paid through PayPal, 1 years subscription, have not got any responce from them after repeted emails.

    This is the kind of thing that makes people

    4dwebhosting. sucks!, I will give them another day, then PayPal, do my damdest to get their account suspended.

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