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    [For Hire] Miscellaneous Jobs

    WHM Auto Pilot installs for $20
    Any small script for $3-7 depending on time/difficulty.
    Large scripts with customization included - $8-15

    Template Design
    $10-30 depending on time/difficulty.
    Full page coding $10-20
    Full content addition for $10-20

    Templates I've Made
    Have many previous works which have sold on WHT numerous times. Will show if you contact me via aim or pm.

    Script(forums, etc.) Skinning
    Site Integration - $15
    Full skin - $25-60 depending on difficulty

    Also have examples of work and will show to those interested.

    Banner Design
    2 Banners - $5

    I also do many other micellaneous things and will give you a great quote. Just contact me if you need a job done.


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    Forgot to mention: All payments via paypal.

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    My website will be in need of a few banners to be made for it. Advertising banners of course. If you do a nice job on them, I can defiantly get you some more paid jobs in the future.

    The website has not been made yet, however if you do a nice job on some things for me, I will have you make me the forums, website design and banner advertisements. Please send me a portfolio link to my PM. Make sure there is Banners, Website Templates, Forum Designs and if possible a few logos.


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    Says you do not have enough posts to accept pm's. Do you want me to email you a link to my works?


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    Oh...Wasnt aware that you had to have a number of posts. Sorry, yes feel free to email me them. Hopefully, I will have more posts by this afternoon and will be able to receive private messages.

    Also, do you think at all possible since I will be bringing in lots of work I could receive a discount or something? (Just wondering)

    Thanks Bryan.
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    Yes I do offer discounts to return customers. I have emailed you some links.


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    very Nice Portfolio Bryan. Im very interested in getting you do some work for me! I will dicuss more in detail by email this afternoon when I return.


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    Bryan please e-mail me the portfolio aswell.


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    Could you email me your portfolio also? I have a bunch of stuff I need help with.

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    My webhost just went down, will email you both a link to portfolio as soon as my pages are back up.

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    Bryan, please e-mail/pm me your portfolio. There's a high probability that I have some work for you.

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    BogdanM, Jason2003, and Josepth_M, you all have mail.


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    Everyone has it. It's in your signature..

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    I've been working with Bryan over the last few days and cant speak highly enough about his work rate etc.

    Last night i had to Order him to stop doing my site so he could go have a rest!!!

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    I'm sorry to say this but Hemi has been missing for the last few days and i've had to pay someone else to finish off the job he started.

    I hope to here from him as soon as possible.

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