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    Cheap Dedicated Server for just "Parking Plan" clients?

    Hi everyone!

    I'm new in here and this is my first post ... so please forget both: my ignorance and my awful english!

    I have a Dedicated Server at Rackspace with Plesk in it (I really need some Control Pannel Admin System 'cause I'm not a Linux guru but just a webdesigner).

    I can only host up to 100 domains in it and I'm reaching that amount.
    Among those I have like 40 domains that are just in what I've named "Parking Plan Hosting".
    To these clients I just give them 5 email accounts (of only 5 Mb each) and a "Under Construction" page or either a redirection to another webpage.

    I would like to move those clients to a cheaper dedicated server so I can use their place in my server for better and bigger clients that pay higher monthly fees.

    All I need in this new dedicated server is the following:
    - Linux OS (Red Hat 9 if possible)
    - Webadmin System (Plesk 7 if possible or CPannel or Ensim)
    - Good connectivity and stability guaranteed

    That server will not host much data as I've explained, but

    Oh, and of course a price under 100 USD !

    Anyadvice will be wellcome.


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    I heard they had low prices.

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    do you know about this people?

    oh, I just forgot to add that I've seen this company:

    I think their price are in Australian dollars, so their $125 Linux server would be like half in US dollars (65 USD or so).

    - Do you know this company?

    - Do you think my clients here in Spain might get poor speed results because of the distance from the datacenter (from Spain to Australia)?

    - or shouldn't that matter since I am only going to host there redirected domains?

    Thanks again,


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    For as little resources you need a VPS may be a good, inexpensive solution. I use and they have excellent support and uptime.

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    I agree with Rokamortis, and I also use It will be cheaper than a dedicated and you still get full root access.

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    I would suggest there prices are good. You will not be let down with there service we are quite happy after 7 months with them.

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    You won't have to worry much by going with servermatrix. But, probably your clients would page you up in the middle of the night due to network problems

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    if you have really tough budget and able to face downtime, then is your best choice; otherwise, pay little more setup fee to get server from They have nice support there. At least I called three times, and someone will talk to me on phone.

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    if you need little resources then I agree with the VPS idea. Try out dinix this way youll have a very solid network and wont have to worry much about it.

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    As others have pointed out, I think it makes sense to go with a VPS. You should be able to host hundreds of 'Parking' type accounts without problem. And if you choose a decent VPS provider, you get benefits of more redundant hardware for a lower price.


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