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    Thumbs down - Where is the support?!?!

    A month back I had inquired about change in email address which actually is the login id to a designers account on their website since I was about to loose my email address. On which I received the following reply from Eric Jenson:
    Reply from Eric Jenson on Thursday, March 18, 2004
    signup again, I will tranfer any cash you made.

    On his reply I asked him to pay me my cash and completely remove the account since I am about to loose my email address. I sent my replies on 19th March asking if he would close my account and pay me the cash I made and on the 29th March asking him to pay me and close the account.

    Ever since I have been trying to contact their support to close my existing account and transfer the cash. I have lost my email address now and I supplied them with an alternate email address as well but all in vain. Eventually I contacted "Richard Kirkendall" from asking him to contact any one from to get in touch with me. My thanks to him for all his efforts and his reply which was:
    I spoke to Eric at and he advised me that he updated
    your email address and emailed you back as well.

    Richard Kirkendall
    Eric "never" got in touch with me and yet I am trying to get this resolved. I am not sure what should I now do!

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    Any one else had problems with

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    are you still having problems with

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    here is an idea, stop buying templates.
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    thats a good idea.. but im asking because i know people at who can help if he still need it.

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    Yes I have this soughted out after numerous follow up emails. The problem was not with buying templates from them but with my designer account which I have now closed with them.



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