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    I have recently set up 2 new hosting accounts with 101 network hosting and on easter sunday (april 11th) both my domains went down, folllowed by no access to my control panels to either account, then one of my accounts was moved from one server to a another one (which i may add is overloaded) Now my pages take 40 mins to load up (seriously!)

    does anyone know anything about their situation? I have sent them countless emails and called their support line to no avail.

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    Give them a few more days then try a different host

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    it looks like i may have too. i cant understand why they wont answer my emails or the telephone to give me an answer. I run a site with well over 1500 regular chatters and this downtime is causing them to become restless. they have just deleted my My SQL databases too......this is getting beyond a joke

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    That host doesn't exactly look very professional. They're another host offering "unlimited" space and what not.

    I'd suggest canceling your account with them, and upping your budget to around 5.00/m or higher to get hosted with a decent web host.

    Brendan Diaz

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    i am going down the reseller route soon, just need to find a nice reseller package. as for the folks @ i just dont know what yo do. I need to report them for flase advertsing as apparently their customers problems come first. ha what a scam of a joke <rant over>

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    good luck finding a new host

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