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    Seeking WHM/Cpanel and DNS help

    I need to speak with someone very familiar with DNS and WHM, to assist with a migration of some servers.

    Must be available to speak through email ASAP.

    bizfocus at biz-focus dot com
    Ken O. TKO

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    We'll be more than happy to help you.
    Please reach us via any methods mentioned below.

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    You can contact me. PM me your msn id. I wont say I AM VERY EXPERT but have knowledge abt WHM, cpanel and would be happy to do it as I believe that I'll also learn.

    BTW, do you pay for the job ?

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    hello, kenop
    Linux Tech Networks can help you resolve your dns and whm issues quickly and easily. Please, feel free to contact me through any of the methods in my sig if you have any further questions
    WHMCS Guru - WHMCS addons, management, support and more.
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    Linux Problems? WHMCS Issues? +1-866-546-8914 (linux-14) or @whmcsguru on twitter!

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    Migration has been completed and I will no longer need the assistance.. Thanks to those of you who replied or contacted me regarding this request.

    If anyone would like to field a couple DNS questions through AIM (no other paid work available at this time but possibly in the future) then please IM me at "neehowmaa".

    Ken O. TKO

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