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    Another Lypha thread! Advice needed plz

    Hi there!

    Firstly - what a great resource! Ive only just found it, but I will definately be hanging around!

    Anyways, I have a big problem that I was hoping for some help/advice on....

    I have 'signed' up with Lypha (the use of quotes will become aparent!) within the last 2months and have had nothing but awfull service - the server has been down numerous times and the SQL keeps dying on me aswell as this the connection to the server has been dire. I have emailed them regarding this issue on a number of occaisions and have recieved garbled 1 line replies that do little to help the situation...

    My problem is this: I assumed rightly or wrongly that the payment for the first 12months would be taken from my card automatically - however it wasnt there when i got my CC statement, so I checked the online billing area and lo! one outstanding invioce...
    So now im left with the dilema... do I pay the invoice and hope they sort themselves out, or just remove all my CC details, delete all my files on the server and right it off as a close call?

    Ive been looking around and really like the sound of Surpass Hosting they have a package that would do me fine for around the same ammount Im due to pay Lypha...

    Many thanks for your time, any advice would be great!


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    Well it sounds like you found yourself in a dilemma. You really have 2 options as I see it. Stick around and see if it improves by just paying like a month ahead. Second you can let your money speak and move providers. It is really up to you which to do and what makes you most comfortable. In whatever you decided good luck and you will either be happy or find a better host.

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    Thanks man,

    Yeah it is a bit of a pickle to say the least... however wierdness of wierdness about 2hrs after i posted this the site was flying like a rocket ship for about an hour!!! However, now it seems to be back to its usually slug like self...

    Ive been trawling thru here and reading reviews of Surpass and they do seem like a viable option - my main thing is a fair amount of 5 - 10gb and LOTSA bandwidth... (curreently killing 80gb per month on another server!)

    I have hosting with Jatol and have to say I love em - been with em for 2yrs now and bar one hicup they've been a dream! But that was sharing the price between friends and now i need lots of space and bandwith for me, hence the cheapness necessity...

    Well we shall see....


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    Maybe if you tell them the problem they will be able to look into it. Most hosts dont really know if its sluggish until there are complaints
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    Perhaps you might want to read this thread about Lypha as well..

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