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    Game Server Help Please

    Okay not sure wich area this should have went into as I've never ran a public game server before....and just wanted an oppinion on it.

    I want to run games like quake 3, counterstrike, etc etc... as a public server for my site but if I host it with someone else on say a linux server do I need to have ssh and install it that way or can I just say set it up on my 2003 pro server or linux server here *prefferably my 2003 server* and run it off my cable account. If so say I am using a linksys 4 port router how do I set a ip address that does'nt change up since with cable internet they don't offer static ip's etc??? I mean I would be fine for a while since I've had same ip address for several months even with cable ....

    Basically just need oppinion wether to host it here of my own machine or with a hosting company? And if with a hosting company has anyone here ever set a game server up and know any good sites on how to do so ??

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    the problem with running a game server at home is that in general uplink is slow.

    you should always try it, wont cost you anything :-)

    you will have to forward required ports on your linksys router, every game is different check out the docs

    as an alternative you can also set your gaming server to a DMZ, which will forward all traffic to that computer (just make sure you secure it with a software firewall after that, like windows firewall or redhat security level tool)

    for running dedicated server you dont need a good video card, just gobs of memory and good cpu

    oh and if you are worrying about your ip changing, check out

    as an alternative i would recommend people like all they do is game hosting and all their servers come with nice control panel

    what game are you playing? post the ip :-)

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    Will be Quake 3, UT2004, Return to castle Wolfenstien, and more but starting with quake 3, and ut2004 ohh and counterstrike and I'll post the ip or pm you with it when I get it setup and start letting everyone know about it

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