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    2500+ / 512MB / 80GBx2 / LLNW

    * Athlon 2500+ Processor
    * 512MB RAM
    * 80GBx2 Drives
    * 1Mb/sec or ~400GB/mn

    I will install Redhad Enterprise 3.0 WS onto it.


    $189/mn + $50/setup

    Setup occurs within 1 hour if ordered 7am-6pm Pacific Time.


    * 100MBps Port
    * Colocation at Limelight Networks
    * A /29 and a /26 IP Block (64 + 1)


    Test IP:

    Order here

    Read further for DC information.


    A Self-healing ring structure and the use of redundant capacity insures outstanding reliability and service. All routers are deployed in a redundant configuration, with redundant power supplies and route switch processors. In addition, backbone routers are paired for additional reliability so that a path is always available out of a backbone node. The result is solid core network architecture!

    Multi Protocol Label Switching

    The IP network utilizes Multi Protocol Label Switching-traffic engineering (MPLS-te) as a backbone transport technology on a global basis. This allows for efficient utilization of IP over DWDM. Leveraging a meshed network that incorporates the latest MPLS technology, a Juniper Core, geographically disbursed interconnection points and over 50 delivery partners worldwide, the network provides customers with unprecedented, carrier-grade Quality of Service over its entire delivery system. The technology also enhances network manageability between SONET and IP layers, so it allows for more efficient use and protection of bandwidth. Lastly, MPLS provides the necessary tools to allow the network to efficiently and reliably scale the infrastructure to handle customers' bandwidth needs. The technology is recognized to be a key driver of new IP-based services.

    Tier-1+ Provider

    The commitment of supporting customers with high-speed, high volume throughput is further demonstrated through multiple private peering relationships, private direct access interconnections and classification as a Tier One (Plus) provider. All traffic is passed at private interconnection or peering points at speeds between OC-3 and Gigabit Ethernet.


    The network has the ability to transmit up to 35 gigabits of data per second. The network can also deliver DS-1, DS-3, OC-3, OC-12, FE, and Gig-E capacity.


    The transit network is composed of 13 bi-directional line switched rings (BLSRs) that protect from network outages. If a fiber cut occurs, the data is rerouted within 50 milliseconds through a redundant ring. The 13 bi-directional rings are complemented by a Digital Distribution providing customers with the most efficient, reliable, and cost-effective platform to deliver Internet-based content and applications.
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