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    Looking for a good PHP programmer to write a script or two

    I'm looking for a experienced PHP programmer to write a couple of scripts.

    One is a image manipulator- the user uploads via a form any image in any format, such as gif or png, and the script needs to convert it to .ico and resize it as well, making the result temporarily downloadable to the end user.

    The second script is one that optimizes any .gif or .jpg when the user uploads the original image. Something like:

    If you're qualified please reply or pm me. I will be looking for signs of true experience and PHP ability, so any portfolio, references etc would be welcome additions.


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    We have done image manipulation using both GD as well as Image Magick
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    Please contact me either via PM or email (chris [at] to discuss functionality and a price.

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    Thx for the responses. I'll be going through the offers. Any others are welcome as well.

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