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    Cool Please give feedback for Beta-Theta

    Hi everybody,

    Based on user reviews I have made a lot of changes in my website. Though it may not be apparent from the main page these changes are for the betterment of the site.

    I would like to know how you people find my website and please give me suggestions on improving it. I am sure it is only due to reviews I have received hat the update work in my site has made me earn a google page rank of 7.

    The site is

    Thanks ,
    I will be glad to exchange links with your website .

    Best wishes

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    Nice site, well first of all the google banner looks realy ugly lol especialy at the top of the page I think a nice banner for your site would look way better!, and put the google ads somewhere else.
    also if you would like to exchange links with me just drop a line at www[Dot]scribbytech[Dot]net

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    Yes, you should put a logo on the main page to build brand awareness. I see you mention your site name in the Flash headers in your other pages, but you need to spurce it up more. Use a more interesting font, perhaps something related to each page's topic.

    If you are going to keep the Google ad bar so prominent, customize the bar's colors so they blend in with your site. The idea is to cause people to think it is more of your content links and click them.

    In your main page's center area, sometimes your blue headings are left justified and sometimes they are centered. I suggest that you just use left justification. If you really want to be fancy, then use left and right to correspond with where the image is.

    You need more cell padding your Physics, History and Links pages.

    Speaking of the Links page, what the hell happened there? It looks a mess.

    In your Site Map page, the footer nav bar has a lot of temporary links that you haven't fixed up. And, are you allowed to use Dreamweaver page icons?
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    I like it! You have done a good job with it!
    -- Matthew

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