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    Time to Recruit...

    Before reading more below, please be aware that there is NO Salary involved. We do this all for free, and any profits go to our IRC Server and the domain for the IRC server and Domain for the Jokes site. Any left overs, will be for promotional use of both sites.
    Job Openings
    :: Position: General Admin:
    :: DESC: Will be allowed to do both, Uploading Content,
    : Declining/Accepting Content, Review Content, and Posting News.
    :: Requirements: To be able to do the above and will come on the site ATLEAST, 4 times a week.
    :: Content Advisor:
    : DESC: Can Decline/Upload Content + Review
    :: Requirements: To be able to do the above and will come on the site ATLEAST, 2-3 times a week.
    Once again: No Salary - Will Work for the laughs.
    Contact information
    Please Leave BOTH if you have both your:
    AIM Screen Name
    MSN Screen Name
    in your posts...
    You'll be contacted in within 24hrs.
    ^ Please be sure to let us know which one you use more often for easy contact.

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    Aight, 2 more questions for both of you. One's sorta big and the other is not required, just for our information.
    1) (Biggie) - Do you know how to use mIRC? Do you go to mIRC?
    2) Do you have any HTML/PHP knowledge/experience?

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    1. Yep can use mirc no probs. Set up an irc channel before.

    2. I have written a few html sites and have general knowledge of php


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    Awesome, EliteHost. I'll PM you within a day or so, so we can talk a little more - the layout is still being worked on for the site, so you can come and meet some of us via mIRC on our server

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    I've ran several IRC networks, been on it for a decade.

    I have serveral website, revamping my business website.
    Arcanum Services LLC
    "ServerHand" VPS - Dedicated Servers - cPanel Shared Hosting
    Datacenters in NYC & Dallas.

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    Aight, Will be contacting you both very soon. :-)

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