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    * An Offer for All Websites.

    Hello All.
    The Offer
    I'm currently offering FREE Java Chats for ANY Type of Website!
    Now you may wonder why your website needs a chatroom. One reason is for the users to both, interact with each other and the staff if they have any type of questions. It's also a way to secure and seal the deal for business websites between their clients and the users on our chat server already. Now, Give Us A Try.
    To Start Off, Reply to this topic leaving your AIM SN and OR MSN SN for easy contacts.
    You can get to the chatrooms via the SHORT a href code that should be put on your main page as much as possible for more users in the chatroom.
    Why Us
    :: It's Free, We Require NO Payments what so ever! (Donations Are Accepted)
    :: Every Site needs/has a chatroom, What do you have to lose?
    :: Chat acting Up? Free Support!
    :: Free Setup (Takes 3mins or less, literally)
    :: Need Some Operators? We got some that'll watch your chat if you don't have any off hand!
    :: Free Monitor Bot (Will Watch your chat if no operators are active)
    :: No Banners/Ads - Like Bravenets/Other Free Chat Providers
    :: Short Code - Doesn't need it's on .html Like nearly ALL of the chat providers, mIRC based or other types of Chats.
    :: (Friendly Staff) - Our Staff would be DELIGHTED to help or serv you in ANY way possible.
    :: We have people on our network already -- You can attract more users to your chatroom which'll most likely add more hits to your site/increase business.
    Got any questions?
    Comments? Suggestions? Concerns?
    Post em' here!
    Want some ScreenShots of what the chatroom will look like?
    Don't know how to use mIRC? Need a Tutorial? (We Made one that EVERYONE will understand!)
    This is an asset for every website and will help both parties (me and you)
    So give us a try.

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    Will contact you with thorough information tomorrow.
    Keep the posts comming!

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    Are there any demo you can show ?
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    Im very interested too.
    How about those screenshots?
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    Alright, Here's a SS:
    When the little bars at the bottom turn "red" it means there are messages to be read and you haven't read them.
    If the .jpg isn't working, let me know and I'll host it somewhere else other than the little free hosts...
    For more information head to - A little cheap site we have just to provide further information.
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