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    22 Premium layouts/templates

    My friend made these and I told him I'll sell them on my site. This is NOT an affiliate program.

    Also, I do banners for $10 animated or non animated. PM me for my portfolio.

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    so u claim you sell your own templates??? well your freinds and your or his main layout for the site is a rip??? hmmmm

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    It's called Template Monster

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    yeh i understand that its template monster, but come on.. your selling 'custom' templates, that u probably didernt make yourself

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    It's illegal to resell template monster templates.

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    I'm not reselling template monster templates. This site was on teh side so I didn't have time to make a layout for it. Anything on the custom.php page is all my friends work. That's why I said in my first post that these are my friends. You need to learn first before to try and start trouble bro. I don't have time to waste trying to correct you. Thanks

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