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    Windows Web Hosting Advice


    Just wondering if anyone can advise on a reliable hosting provider, i am looking at hosing a site with a heavy backend load so i would like a reliable provider with good backbone preferably UK based.

    Requirements are:

    ASP.Net supported,
    Database Connectivity Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Database
    200Mb space or greater,
    SSL 128bit
    4Gb bandwidth or greater,
    Microsoft FrontPage 2003
    Good support facility High uptime and fast response is critical.

    Any advice would be much appreciated.

    I have been advised to go with server centre who offer a silver
    can anyone advise if this is a good hosing company and advice on their packages.

    thanks in advance

    Leo Dade

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    check out this page or ************.com

    ************: i used to have some accounts with them for 2 years, they have good uptime and support. However i can't say now because it's 1 year ago..

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    You can search good UK based ASP.NET hosting providers from:

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