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    where is the e-mail stored on ftp ?

    Hello im trying to get an e-mail via FTP/cpanel

    I cant seem to get it from outlook so i was thinking perhaps i can just download the file from the ftp (site) account.

    also, the reason i cannot get the e-mail thru outlook is because i have a client that sends very large e-mails ( 26mb ) and outlook cant seem to "handle" it or something, hes mail account can hold 100mb so i dont see the problem


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    You can't download email via ftp. If you have root on the box you can get to the inbox file, copy the contents to a file, move to your ftp directory and download it. This would be the raw, encypted email file though, so it may not be of any use.

    Also, I can't imagine your email client can't handle the message is more likely the server that is timing out the connection.

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    You mentioned Cpanel, so if your site is offering that, you should be able to login to the CPanel and access mail through that. FTP won't help much for email, but there is a possibility to get the *raw* mail from certain locations if you know what you're looking for. BUT, it's likely going to be far easier to get it from CPanel and utilize the email account features there. You might also check your Outlook POP access details to see that you're using the right configuration to POP the mail. If you get that working maybe you can download it. A 26mb file is going to take a WHILE on dialup, and even a bit on other access formats, so the timeout issue mentioned above could play a part too. I'd have to make sure to use a download manager to download something that huge, so as not to "drop" it.

    Anyway...try getting to your mail via the web access of your CPanel and see if you can find your mail there. You should be able to click on the "manage accounts" or whatever to see what emails are setup for one. then from that page you should be able to click on "read webmail". Settings for Outlook and that are available there too. If you click on "read webmail", you should be able to access mail for whatever account you clicked on.

    Take care...

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