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    Site Layout Review

    What do you my latest creation?

    Oh, and yes I know someones going to point out where the menu is, but the plan is not have the page dragging down full of content to minmize scrolling to the bottom. If needed have multiple smaller pages to give out the chucky info and have a print-friendly (no CSS) version with everything on.


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    I like the graphics ... quite catchy with the menus on the bottom....

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    The banner is very nice and graphic intense although the icons you have on the bottom should be marged into the background because I can still see little jagged line around it

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    The header is too good in relation to the cartoon icons at the bottom. Individually (the header and menu) they are great, but they do not accentuate each other.
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    I like it a lot.

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    Nice look, but id make sure to have a top navigation somewhere... anyway best of luck

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