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    In my logs, I noticed a referrer to my site from I go there and it asks for my WHT user/pass. Since the site doesnt appear to be affiliated with WHT (I've never heard of it) I clicked cancel, and it says WHT premium members only.

    What is this site? Is it legit?

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    Yea it's a legit site

    HostingTech used to have a magazine, not sure if they still do but I just logged in and it's a-ok
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    April 8th 2004

    iNET Interactive announced Wednesday the revival of the magazine presenting it in an online version for its premium members. Each month the magazine will be packed with news, interviews, reviews, tips and tricks related to the web hosting industry.

    This month is the first release of the magazine covering various topics. Some of the hot stories headlines include “Interview with Teenage Web Hosts”, “EV1 Under Fire”, “Outsourcing – How Will It Affect You?”, and “CyberLaw – Where does the law stand?”. Plans are in place for the WHT Insider to be integrated as part of the Hosting Tech magazine.

    History of Hosting Tech Magazine
    Founded in 2000 by Bruce Waldack, Hosting Tech Magazine, It was the first hosting magazine published for print and distributed free of charge to all of its subscribers. In 2002 the demand and market value of advertising space dropped drastically causing Hosting Tech magazine to go out of print.

    Robert Marsh of Everyone’s Internet acquired Hosting Tech Magazine in 2003 from Dome Capital, LLC. During this time Hosting Tech Magazine suffered a gap in publication which was then purchased by iNET Interactive.
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    If you press cancel you can see it says:

    You must be a premium WHT member to access this site!
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    True, but with all the paypal scams out there, one cant be too careful of sites that could potentially be harvesting your login information for other sites.

    Why do they have the login like that, and not a descriptive front page that describes the site. It would make more sense, that way, people will go, "oh, thats what it is, i'll sign up for a premium membership!" rather than, "hmm... looks shady, I think i'll stay away"

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