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Thread: Need Info!

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    Need Info!

    Hello u all pros. am just new in the world of dedicated servers etc. i'll explain what i need then you may help me out. i want to have a server to host my website and like 10 customers websites and there email service etc. then i want to use it to make backup of my files and have a small irc server running on it with approximately 5000 Users. that would take up around 2000gb of traffic maybe. so can anyone of you guide me to a good provider where its posible to do these things. i need at least a pentium Iv 2 Ghz with 1 Gb ram and 120Gb hard disk. and i think would need like 5mbit connection line. any advice? thanks in advance! and do excuse me if my questions are stupid, just a newbie! thanks!

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    They should be able to help you out, but I do not know about their policys on IRC.


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    none of those providers allow irc (with the exception of nocster) and most will not. I have heard ev1 has some special conditions that allow irc, but I cant recall off-hand what those were.

    getting a quality host that allows you to host your irc server will not be easy, as irc servers attract alot of DDoS attacks, and can compromise the stability of the network. is excellent for irc-based servers, but they are currently not excepting any new orders, awaiting launch of their new datacentre.

    Good luck with your search.

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    You may try but I am not sure whether they allow IRC services on their network, call them up and clarify.

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    EV1 allows IRC servers to be run as long as they are not linked to any others.
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    Servermatrix I know for sure does not allow IRC services and I say amen Might try I believe they provide irc services.

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    Originally posted by Heymish
    none of those providers allow irc (with the exception of nocster)
    BurstNET/Nocster doesn't allow IRC either.
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    Hello. I am new to these forums and this is my first post ever. I had a question related to IRCD. Which IRCD is the best for small networks and how can it be setup? Do I need any subdomains for an IRCD? Is there anyone who can help or set up the IRCD him/her self without any fees?

    Also, I am buying a Virtual Dedicated Server next month for my shell hosting needs and for my friends. How can I resolve Vhosts so that they maybe used with eggdrops/BNC's. As someone already said that you could get yourself a subdomain from, can that subdomain be used as a vhost? I already have a couple of subdomains from and I dont know what to do with them.

    One more thing, How can I make my VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server) more secure so that it cannot be hacked easily and what do I do in case of a DoS attack?

    If someone could kindly tell me how vhosts are resolved and how i could setup an IRCD?

    And oh yeah, does anyone know about ?? I am getting my Virtual Server from them coz they allow IRC. Please tell me about this company if someone does know.

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