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    Need virtualmin and bind setup help

    I have a server at ServerMatrix running RHE and I'm having a heck of a time getting Virtualmin to work.

    I am under the impression I need Bind running in order for Virtualmin to work.. but I am unable to get bind to install correctly according to the many chroot how-to's I've found.

    I've been messing with it for a while.. I'm wore out and tired of paying for 2 servers while I try to get this one working. I need someone (with some decent references) to get virtualmin to work so I can get rid of the more expensive server and save me some money. Or maybe a very patient soul can just walk me through some stuff but I'm pretty tired of messing with it so that might not be a good idea

    I'm not a rich man but I'm losing money every second this other server is just sitting there not used. Email me or just respond here.

    brad at is my email.

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    AexiManagement could take care of this problem for you.

    Please PM us for more information.

    Note: Its pointless giving out prices on here, as mostly people reply wanting to do it for about $0.02

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