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    Help! Issue I dont understand...

    OK,I received this e-mail this morning... The only change that I made to the server was yo update Fantastico yesterday... Could that have caused this? Any ideas on a solution???

    This email would reference the bottom link as the test site/page.

    PHP Session Documentation

    The main problem is that PHPSESSID=___ is added on every link as a url parameter in all of our php generated pages all of a sudden. If you look at the session_test site and put your cursor over the URL link you'll see how it's appended eventhough the
    php code only called "print '<a href=session_test.php'".

    For some strange reason starting from last night cookie availability doesn't seem to be recognized by the session module anymore. From that point on the session module started embedding the session id directly into the URLS (see "Passing the Session ID" under the PHP Session Documentation). Also when I check for existence of cookies created by the session_test page, nothing's there.

    I firmly believe that this is not a browser problem. I've tested on multiple machines running different versions of IE and Mozilla.

    Hopefully this email is detailed enough to help in your diagnosis. Please reply back with any other inquiries.


    Thanks in advance guys for your help.
    Sal Pitera
    ONC Hosting

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    if session.use_trans_id is enabled, and session.use_cookies is on, PHP will attempt to carry session information via a cookie. If the cookie cannot be set (user refused it for example), then the URL's will be appended with the session ID.

    Since I'm getting the session ID on the link too, I'm guessing either the use_cookies variable has been turned off either in PHP.INI or in that accounts .htaccess, or there something wrong with that server setting cookies.

    Make sure you aren't out of diskspace on any drives, too. Since PHP saves session information to disk generally, it can cause irregular results if the disk is full.

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