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    * Question: Paypal vs 2checkout and other companies...

    Paypal charges $0.30 per sale, plus between 2.2% and 2.9% of the whole transaction, while charges $0.45 per sale and 5.5% of whole transaction AND they have a $49 set up fee!

    a) What would be advantage of using 2C0 over paypal?
    b) Are their any other reliable companies that can beat paypal's rate?

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    a)2CO doesnt require end-user registration meaning your customers don't have to sign up for 2CO; though I've heard that PayPal doesn't require this anymore either (anyone else know?)

    b)I'd suggest getting a true merchant account. More professional, greater flexibility - though at the same time you have more responsibility when it comes to the individual transactions.

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    a) If you have credit card processing enabled through paypal, no you dont have to have your customers signup for an account first. They can pay with a credit card.
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    Paypal requires you to signup for an account in order to make payment if you are a non-US merchant so this is only for US business.
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