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    [Sale] High quality application skins bundle : DON'T MISS OUT!

    For sale! the opportunity of a lifetime here,
    I'm selling off all of the current skins for various applications for ONE single price, $500
    This covers,

    (Prices are from current offer prices on my site)
    Sakura ($550)
    Sakura Mixer ($300)
    fe2o3 2 ($100)
    Negami ($30)
    Exo Remix ($60)

    (Pictures here =

    But for this special WHT price of $500 you could have them ALL!
    The reason for this is that my development workstation for both application design and 3d rendering has suffered a large amount of damage and Iím in need of the cash to have it repaired.

    In depth

    Sakura : One of the most well known, never released skins to date, highly regarded as one of the most innovative, graphically stunning application skins to grace this generation of media player applications.

    Sakura Mixer : a RARE opportunity to own this gem, an early development version of sakura which was designed to make use of a dual audio input mode of the Winamp 3 media application, however due to various reasons the skin was not released.

    fe2o3 2 : Yet another rare opportunities to own exclusive rights to this baby, the bigger brother to the most well known Winamp 2 skin, ever 'fe2o3' designed with the next generation media players retaining certain aspects of the original application skin.

    Negami : An early development version of a media player based on car-stereo style interfaces.

    Exo Remix : Exo remix is a never before seen next-gen interface design which blends both style and usability in a Winamp 2 style frame, you cant miss this chance to own it!

    the price tag of $500 covers complete ownership of the designs, all available .psd files and concept work, all rights to the skins are included in this once in a lifetime chance to own a price of history, and of course knowledge that your purchase has gone towards maintaining the creative spirit of a well known designer.

    Payments preferred via Pay pal, if you are interested, either email me at [email protected] or pm me. thanks

    i MAY be persuaded to split this lot up, but i would prefer to sell them all in one lot.

    p.s. Iím going to be really sad to see these go, they have been the labor of love for a long time, i would really love to see these go and for the designs to be used in someoneís application either as they are or customized.

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    You guys are killing me , okay, these need to be sold, so i'm dropping the price to $400, and may the lord have mercy on my soul, these things need to shift by friday or im out of business with my clients whome are waiting on the repairations of the workstation.

    Someone please help me out here

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    Taking too long -_-, dropping price to $350, sending PM to the 4 people who have contacted me about the skins, First person to accept takes it.

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    All skins have been sold (to me)

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    san juan capistrano, ca,
    those are awesome skins...congrats
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