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    Need Help ASAP Please


    Recently I finished configuring a new Windows 2003 Server.

    Now, I have several customers running on it and the thing is that ASP sometimes stops responding and lags for a long time and never responds until I have to restart IIS. This happens at least once every 30 hours and I don'r want to restart IIS everytime and my customers having downtime. For example, if I try to pull up an ASP page from the server in internet explorer, it will think and think for unlimited time and never come back.

    I know that there is an option in Windows 2003 Server but I don't recall what it is and how to do it...can someone please help!!!

    Thank You

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    Please help me on this one

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    What option are you looking for? I'm not sure I follow.

    Have you captured the logs on the box when the problem is happening? It sounds kinda like a memory leak in one of the apps. Are you running them in thier own space or in shared space?

    Watching the perf logs during a crash would probably start you in the right direction.

    Is IIS taking a long time to restart when you finally restart it? It should only take a couple of seconds if you do it from the command line. Unless the sites on that server need to maintain state at all times, I'd probably just set up a cron job to restart IIS every night at 3:00AM until I figured out what the problem is. I might even leave it there after I fixed this problem just to clear everything out every night. Can't hurt.


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