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    #1 ranking at Google, MSN, Yahoo when searching for "juggies"

    Domain has been active as a model website for 2 years. Model is retiring at the end of April. Lots on links (mostly affiliate ID links) from model/porn portals.

    Might be possible to capitalize on the Man Show on Comedy Central as well.

    Serious offers over $1000.00 USD. (PayPal Payment Only)

    (Might consider trade for other very hot domain (.com/.net only))

    Please do not contact the model about this sale as she does not own nor have any rights to the domain.

    Contact: [email protected]

    Multiple Listings on other Forums

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    ummm....didn't you promise MissBear that you wouldn't make this domain avalable for Porn and such?

    Isn't your word good for anything?

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    Any sale would be consulted with MB. Any large profits would be shared with MB. However, nobody did more than look at the thread and nobody has contacted me other to say I was way over priced.

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    Good enough......

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    The new board is a cluster****.

    I can come back and save this mess you know.....

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