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    Registering as a Business, for Tax and VAT

    Do i need to register as a business for tax and vat, is this essential i read that if you are in england you dont have to register for vat unless you earn more than 58, 000 a year. What do i register for all i will be earning is less than 1000/Month.

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    You will need to register as self employed when you start your business. I think the threshold for registering for VAT is 56,000 in any 12 month trading period.

    Lots more info here -

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    Yeah, it's 56k and that's takings not profit - so you might take / turnover 60k in the year and only make 12k but you'd still need to register for VAT.

    Go to your local tax office and speak with the people there - they're suprisingly helpful

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