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    what email form do you use?

    ppl are saying formmail.php etc are not secure, i still use it and not yet have any problem, but i'd like to know what do you else use?

    and where to get a form scritp that allow a customer choose if he need a copy of the mail to his address? i like the BVS contact form, any one knows how to make it?


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    You can use cgiemail, but that one's not secure either (unless you use the version from Debian where I think that all the known bugs have been patched now). I've heard good things about the NMS version of formmail.

    To do something like what that URL you posted does, you'll need to write your own PHP script to send the message (unless you find some CGI program that is able to do this).

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    I use formmail.php on all my sites but I'm about to switch. One thing I've found is that if a user is behind a firewall, they are not able to submit a form. This is a known issue, and the only remedy is to edit the referers variable exposing the script to abuse. And the authors don't seem to be too keen on supplying a fix for it.

    So I will now be using FormProcessorPro. It's $29-$69 depending on how many sites you want to use the script. I bought the Business licence for $69. It appears to be an incredibly powerful and versatile script with tons of bells and whistles - much more than the average form-to-mail script.

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