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    HELP! - My cgi-bin folder was deleted!

    I'm running AppleScript IP 6.3 on a 9.x macintosh.
    At some point before I tried to run a cgi script on my server, the cgi-bin folder was deleted. Apparently simply renaming a new folder cgi-bin does not do it, because I cannot get this program to run. I have no idea how I'm supposed to make this new folder function the same way as the original cgi-bin folder.

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    gotta make sure permissions are set right, they need to excute to be able to run.

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    Where would I look for the permissions? I'm very new to managing a webpage...

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    You would need to look at the directory file permissions and the files.

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    Use either your Control Panel if it has a File Mgr. or some way of looking at or changing permissions on directories / files, or hopefully your FTP program provides this feature. The way to find out is to use your FTP program (usually easiest method) to log in to your account. Then right-click on the 'cgi-bin' directory and a popup Menu should appear -- this would be from your FTP program "if" it has this feature.

    Then look for something that says "Permissions" or "Settings". Hopefully it will use numbers and you want a combination that looks like: 755. That's it.

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