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    The domain was used as a bulliten board host, it hosted over 550 forums/sites until a server crash.

    The domain name itself is pretty good, and known over the net by a few people too.

    The domain still gets hits, has a alexa ranking of 1,467,309 and is listed on Google a little.

    The domain can work wonders for any host, any site and anybody.

    I am looking for serious bidders only.

    The domain is registered with the amount of hits it gets is unknown, i know it gets a bit though due to alexa, google, the current 'home' and the popularity.

    Feel free to contact me via PM


    MSN: [email protected]
    AIM: IBP Chris Reilly

    Thanks a million

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    how much are you looking for and do you have any stats at all for it?

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    Have no stats sorry mate, as i was using it as a sort of network with my other domains because i knew it got hits.

    I am just looing for a fair amount, i do not know how uch to ask.

    I asked for an appraise here:

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