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    I was just wondering what stuff you keep.

    What sort of records and information do you keep, what sort of papaerwork and papaers do you keep/file away etc.

    Is their certian stuff you should keep.

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    Receipts for payment, receipts for expenses, account information on signups, invoices.
    I print everything and then file, then add to Excel documents each and every transaction and client.
    My billing processor allows me to export so it makes it much easier.
    The biggest thing that many new in the business don't do is keep a very thorough expense report, that can sure add dollars back to your business at tax time.
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    I have a big folder with clients details. Payment records etc

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    Your best bet would be to check with your accountant.

    If you are in the U.S. check if your local (county / region) representative has a "doing business in" (the state / county) packet they can provide to you (usually free).

    You can also check with your local chamber of commerce.

    Thank you.
    Peter M. Abraham
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    Monthly billing reports, sometimes I keep customer contact info on paper for a few days after they are all settled in..
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    I never thought that an Internet business would generate as much
    paperwork as ours does. Letters, to-do-lists, reports, surveys, statements,

    There are four filing cabinets in our office and a few 'accordion' folders.
    All full or close to getting full.
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    Yes... my desk needs to be cleared once in a while with all the paper and reciepts I print out. I think the list above from the post's already covers what you need.

    Best advice is keep on top of it all! In our first year I thought... I will sort all that later and then I had to spend quite a number of hours which drove me mad sorting reciepts, expenses and other information out.
    -- Matthew

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