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    Advice on this design pls


    I am currently getting someone to make me a design, well it's finished now but i am just waiting for my Paypal thing to go through.

    Anyway, this is the design Click HERE

    Since i got that preview i have had a couple of things changed, i have asked for the pic on the right to be taken out so all the content area is free, and had the background where the links are at the bottom match the white background where the links are at the top, and also had the links at the top centered.

    Thing i am not too sure about it is the grey background, do you think black would be better?

    I didn't want a high graphic design, just one that is neat and tidy as i feel my content will be the drawing point to the site.


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    I think the grey background color is fine although the should be a bit more graphic intense. The design is coded using tables right? If you want to take the right column out. I don't think it'll mess the layout up

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    Maybe i will stick with the grey then.


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    Will the website have fixed table properties or will it stretch to browser specifications ?

    I like the look anyway, also wondering what kind of text colour you are going to use. White will look good on dark grey but it might end up being hard to read if the fonts are small..

    anyway, best of luck

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