Hello I am from Real Time Gaming Network On-line E-Sports Gaming and News.

We have a full staff and our website is currently in production.
As a Gaming Network and E-Sports News center we are looking for sponsors to provide us with Game Servers for our gamers.

In exchange for your service's we will advertise on our website for you Advertisements include: IRC ads,Banners,logos, Text Links and a small bio about your company.

Currently We have 1 Counter-Strike Team playing For Real Time Gaming networks. They are a Local Chicago LAN\Online Team And they are very dedicated

Games we are interested in: Counter-Strike And Other Half Life mods such as Day Of Defeat.

Our sites are


Our site is in production and should be up soon.

If you are interested in sponsoring Real Time Gaming Network Please Post some info on your company here Or you can Send me a Private Message\Send me an Email
At [email protected]

Thanks for your time.